Availity X12 partner for Batch Billing Office Ally Versus Availity for Patient Verification

I am running Openemr version 6.0 Patch 3, PHP 8, Ubuntu 20.04. I am U.S based and looking to add automated patient verification to my billing work flow.

I have been using Availity for batch billing, but would like to add a more automated way of Patient Verification. I know the Office Ally one works for patient verification, but since I use Availity as my X12 partner for batch billing, I thought it might make more since to use Availity for patient verification to keep everything on one platform. Has ayone got this to work for Availity?

If not, would a mixed solution like using Office Ally for Patient Verification and Availity for Batch Billing be compatible?

We use Kareo for billing and associated tasks such as patient verification. We keep the billing separate from OpenEMR because it’s a heckuva big application in and of itself and billing is crazy complicated. I will probably do more with OpenEMR on billing to prepare the information going to Kareo to take advantage of new and revamped billing features in OpenEMR as I learn how these features work and how they can be utilized efficiently.

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I appreciate the information. I think I will continue with Openemr billing. I am able to verify ~ 50 patients at a time with Availity. I basically take a spreadheet adding the information in tabular form with the columns arranged the way availity likes them. Each value for a patient is separated from the next piece of information by a comma. I then paste them into the availity tool for multiple patients. It then shows me all the eligibility which I compare to the EHR for accuracy. Once confirmed I just have to make sure that each patient is correctly set to the the insurance company for the primary insurance. Hopefully, I will soon be able to automate this portion of the process for an easier and less time consuming workflow.

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