Automatic billing of the procedure order

Here is a case, I work for a health facility which I found using OPENEMR v6. 0.0 , in this, when a medical doctor or clinician makes a lab order for a patient for example Malaria RDT, The patient is billed automatically with the amount of the test requested, without going to fee sheet to bill the patient for that test, how can I basically configure this in my OPENEMR v7.0.2. thanks

Custom code. I am currently working on a module that does this. The module will populate the fee sheet with the CPT code of the type of appointment, with the ICD10 justify codes. There will be the ability to assign LBF’s and forms to also auto-populate the fee sheet as well. The billing department will still need to verify that everything is correct.

Currently there are quick-pick options that handle this, but if you want it to auto-populate with the ICD 10 codes, custom code is needed.

I have it working mostly but there are still bugs to be worked out.

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Thanks for working on this @growlingflea !!

Will your customization utilize the calendar feature for setting appointment types/billing?

Also, how would others be able to use your changes?

Yes - I hope to make it available to the public!