Auto justify a code in fee sheet

I have seen an option to add “Related” codes in “Codes” menu.
I added an ICD10 relate to a CPT4 code. But while entering the same CPT4 code in fee sheet, it doesn’t auto justify that code. Is there a way to auto justify it?

Hello @Nitish_Patra - welcome to the forum!
Sorry it took so long for your question to get noticed. I suspect if it had been posted to ‘Day- To- Day Users’ or ‘Support’ you may have gotten a quicker response-- believe it or not I’ve found that a lot of developers do not know the User Interface very well!

That ‘related codes’ functionality you are trying to use is for other purposes than the fee sheet.
As far as the fee sheet is concerned, by default OpenEMR requires all codes to be manually entered into the fee sheet one at a time. However, it does have a mechanism that allows you to enter multiple codes with one click; See the links below for details.
However, even with the multiple code entry each cpt code must be manually justified from the diagnosis codes that have already been added to the fee sheet.

Here are the links; the document titles are in the URLs:
The one I mentioned:

Here’s a related but different method that may be helpful:

Good luck with your project, and come on back if you have other questions!
Best- Harley


Thanks @htuck . This would be helpful to begin with.

@Nitish_Patra, did you figure out a way to auto-justify? I have that request now.
@mdsupport, have you guys built this out yet?

I just figured out a way to pull back the list after it is built by the setJustify function.
I have it primarily working.

Now, I need to figure out how to create an observable that will run the javascript. Then I will publish the feature.

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