Authorization grant flow 404 Error

Hey all,

I have tried to do the Authorization grant flow on demo open emr website to read the patient datas through fhir , Below are the steps i have followed:

1.)Registration of the Api:

It gave me back the below details:




api:oemr openid user/ user/"}

2.) Authorization:

OpenEMR Authorization api:fhir api:oemr user/ user/

I have used the Above link for the Authorization purpose which took me to the login page and after entering it i have given Authorize Access.

which returned me the below link with the Authorization code:

3.) Fetching Access token using the Auth Code:

It returns me a 400 error:

Kindly let me know what is the issue here and where i am going wrong.

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Here is a stupid question. Have you tried to use Swagger? You can do all this testing from within Swagger to develop and test your connections to the server.

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