Arrange columns in LBV forms

(Alan Smith) #1

Hi folks, I’ve been reading the wiki & fiddling unsuccessfully.

I have added a custom group/form. (By field, I mean label + data).

  1. Layout:
    I want some rows in the form to have 2 fields, others to have 3 fields. Alternatively to set all rows to 3 fields.

What I’ve tried:
If I set the label of the 2nd & 3rd fields to 0, it leaves no space or tab between the end of previous data and begin of next label.
Various other combinations are no better.

  1. Font size:
    Another issue is the font size on these forms - too small. I have changed the default size in ‘appearance’ to 16px (and logged out), but the forms remain at 12.8px

I’d prefer not to start fiddling in css files …

Appreciate any help.

(Ralf Lukner MD PhD) #2

Struggling as well on how to get a clean looking LBF form (with fields not running all over the place). Any suggestions on how to achieve this would be appreciated.

(Alan Smith) #3

I’m a little puzzled - it looks as if the demographic/lbv forms are meant to be configurable, so either we’re missing something, or there is a bug(s)?

  1. In the layout editor -> layout properties is a 'layout columns field. It can go from default to 10 - I have tried a number of values, but it seems to make no difference?

If I could somehow get 3 cols displayed instead of 2, I could make it work (I found a way to hide a dummy field)

  1. Ditto with font size, changing that in layout properties made no difference. Eventually I edited the relevant css file to get the font and spacing I wanted.

Any help out there?

(ViSolve) #4

Have you tried by assigning the font size in layout properties to be reflected in table?
In interface/forms/LBF/new.php, fontsize value is retrieved and stored in variable named FONTSIZE.
So you can assign style='font-size:".attr($FONTSIZE)."px; to the table rendered.
This will prevent you from modifying the css.


(Alan Smith) #5

Had tried changing in layout properties, no change. I’m OK with changing css, because I also needed to change the padding around labels and data cols. So the main issue I (and @Ralf) would like to solve is 1) above.