Archiving a Patient

Any mechanism available to archive/inactivate a patient versus just deleting them? Thinking we could add an active tinyint column to patient_data which could be indexed and then use that as the flag.


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I have an issue open for this and have tested a solution once I ever get around to implementing.

Workload on that seems pretty low, maybe I’ll try to tackle that.

We decided there is no difference between “deceased” and “inactive” patients for the data management.

So we set custom translation “Deceased” to “Inactive” Date & Reason. That lets users maintain active status manually. They can enter reason as “Deceased on m/d/yy” if necessary. Typically patients not seen in 3 years are automatically marked 'Inactive" by a daily cronjob.

To manage archives, we add a flag and description to patient_data. Archive process begins only when users set archive flag to “Start”.

Archiving goes thru 3 stages with admin review after each step is completed -

  1. Copy records from different tables to a file as json strings.
  2. Open the file as readonly and delete database records using keys from the file.
  3. We keep the patient_data record around for longer period in case the patient does become active again.
  4. No support for importing data back in database.