Appointment-time alert / note / warning

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This clinic (for which I’m evaluating OpenEMR) is in a rougher part of town. Upon occasion a patient becomes hostile / threatening. A few have behaved sexually inappropriately (aggressive advances, inappropriate comments, etc.).

Is there any way to have this info appear at appointment-making time so staff can take appropriate action?

If the info cannot "appear’ via a pop-up…or flashing red icon…in the Patient Finder list…are there any ideas out there on how this info could be easily accessible at appointment-making time?

Thank you.


Look at the code that displays the birthday message. You might be able to modify it to meet your needs.

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Thank you, Mr. Perez, for your suggestion.
In the future, I might do that.

Just out of curiosity, how do clinics using OpenEMR deal with this situation since OpenEMR doesn’t currently offer functionality to warn staff at appointment-making time?

Having been in clinics when the hostile / threatening patient situation occurs…I imagine many clinics have procedures or software to deal with this.

Thank you.


Actually I have never heard of it. We are primarily concerned with privacy, workflow and clinical information.
Sorry I can’t be more helpful.