Appointment Management


Does anyone know how to retrieve a list of available appointment (booking) slots from OpenEMR through its API? I am looking for ways to support the (FHIR) $prefetch, $find and $book operation as defined in the Argonaut FHIR Implementation Guide (

OpenEMRs FHIR API does support the Appointment resource but only in a read-only mode for a specific patient.

The proprietary OpenEMR API does offer an appointment “search” capability (Swagger UI) but seems to retrieve only already booked appointments.

Anyone with a clue?



I don’t believe we have the capability in the API yet. If this is something you are interested in building (the $prefetch, $find, and $book operations), I know a company that is willing to pay for this functionality. They would like me to build it out, but I’m currently involved in another project right now so haven’t been able to get to it.

Thanks Stephen, that is helpful.

Hi Andries/Stephen,

I am building an appointment booking UI application which connects to different EMR APIs. I would like to integrate OpenEMR API as well. Did you find a way to get all the open appointment details for a physician using openEMR using the API?


Since you are planning to use your “app module” for selevral EMRs, you may want to consider FHIR API that may solve lot of “Heterogenous” EMR integration issues.
For OpenEMR - Check this link

-ViSolve OpenEMR Support Team