API Endpoints for Fee Sheet & Checkout

Hello folks,

For our use case, we are trying to automate the process of appointment creation, encounter and then checking out. For this purpose I’d like to know if there are endpoints for creating entries in the fee sheet against an encounter and then checking out?

If not, can someone give me some pointers for creating those endpoints - perhaps a high level picture of code structure to start with.

Thank you!

Thank y’all for the great support, after investigating further and looking at the amazing quality of the code we decided not to use OpenEMR.

@Shahzaib_Muhammad Looks like this slipped through the cracks. There’s a lot of forum posts on how to create endpoints, the OpenEMR skeleton bootstrap module discussed on this forum is a great resource to get started. Sorry that OpenEMR didn’t work out for you. Perhaps at a later junction it will be a good fit for your team. Good luck with everything.

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