Anyone suggest a sitebuilder that integrates with openEMR?

Let me know if this is in the wrong place.

I’m starting a small medical practice. I think that I just may just not know enough to do the right search but it seems that most of the sitebuilders that I find are not HIPAA compliant. Even the ones that are don’t seem to integrate with EMR. It looks like I have to get buy to hosting packages one to make the site (Dr Leonardo and one to host openEMR. That just seems silly and costly. It seems like I’m just setting up a situation were they are both pointing at the other when there is a problem.

hi @George_Albercook , sometimes it’s easiest to create your main site and then add a subdomain like to point to your openemr instance.

Thanks, I think I figured out an option. I’m going to set up openEMR could on AWS it should not cost very much and the website builder says that they play nice with EMR hosts.

best way is to install each application in a folder of ts own. Then it becomes easy to redirect from one page to the other.