Any way that our database can be stored in the cloud?

My client has a desktop and a laptop and I am wondering whether she might be able to keep the data in a central source in the cloud so that she can access from either equally. So for example if she entered a new patients info on one computer one day then she can use the other computer at a later time and have the patients info such as insurance company etc fill in


Well, remember that OpenEMR is implemented as a website that’s backed by a database that a user connects to with their web browser. Most installations of OpenEMR assume that there will be a central location with both the website and the database, to which any number of users can connect.

So we’ve got /plenty/ of solutions for remote access for multiple users. Having just the database in a cloud location, with OpenEMR locally installed onto multiple systems that share a database, wouldn’t actually work right because of document storage concerns. You need to install OpenEMR itself to a cloud location, not just its database.


Oh ok - that makes perfect sense.

I am not sure which cloud services she uses, but for example if she were set up with microsoft OneDrive that would work? Otherwise which services have you seen work? Thanks - appreciate any thoughts you may have

@leongruenbaum I think OneDrive isn’t the choice, rather Azure is suitable.

I would really love to see a tutorial on “migrating” a local windows OpenEMR installation to the cloud, google cloud for example. Dealing with the migration, testing, security hardening and finally backing up. I guess implementing on the cloud for the average Joe costs a lot than maintaining own small local server (minus the cloud functions of course).

Migration is always tricky, but most of what we know about running in the cloud lives in , which houses our containers and our various container-based installations for local systems or Amazon’s cloud.