Announcement: Fax Sms module update v6.0.0

I had to update the modules dependencies to be compatible with v6 dependencies.
Twilio apis to v6.13.0 and RingCentral to v2.2.5.(we moved to Guzzle v7^ and require PHP >7.2))
Current module version is v2.2.0-beta so

  • composer require openemr/oe-module-faxsms:v2.2.0-beta

I’ve done a fresh install and tested sms notifications and fax send and receive with Twilio.
All appears okay.

Where is the “How To” on getting Twilio sms patient reminders working?
The thread is long, and difficult to follow.
We lost our Twilio patient reminders when we upgraded from 4.2 to 5.02 back in May
and we’d really like to make that labor intensive process automated once again.
How may I help in order to get this process going?

Hi David,
I didn’t put Fax/Sms in until v5.0.2 so for your 4.2, you are using the older sms or email for notifications.

Is the only documentation i’ve done with the first part of that tread giving most any info needed to install. v5.0.2 is up to module version v1.2.0. Most issues with installing are with server rewrite config and setting up the Twilio account. Sometime the module installer can give grief.

If you want to write an install, i’m sure others would appreciate but, unless I add another vendor(if time) I doubt i’ll do anymore development on module.

I almost pulled it from v6.0.0 but luckily I didn’t have to spend too much time bringing the dependencies up to date and I already had done the BS3 convert to BS4.

Also somebody may want to update the vendor/openemr/oe-module-installer-plugin/src/CustomModuleInstaller.php to be compatible with composer v2+

Hi Jerry does this Fax Module support Ringcentral fax? thx…

Hi @Bo_Wang,

I have fixed issue for latest openemr version for fax and SMS module.

Current module doesn’t support RingCentral. There are several forum threads related to RC and modules in general.
I’m not sure what version OpenEMR I moved fax/sms to core module or what version I pulled RC from the module. I know I asked several times about keeping RC and received no response from community.

Is your RingCentral fax/sms module fix still working in v7.02?

@hitechelp I have fixed RingCentral fax/sms.

What version of OpenEMR are you running?

I am working on the 7.0.2

Thank you. We appreciate your efforts. Let us know if we can help in any way.

David are you just using fax or both sms and fax?

Jerry, we’re using sms for appointment reminders and TeleHealth invites (via MedEx) but we fax manually through a R/C adapter.