Analog Informatics Announces Support for OpenEMR

New Commercial Software Provider for OpenEMR Installations

As a tier 1 sponsor of OpenEMR, Analog Informatics proudly announces its solutions to improve practice revenue and online reputation.

Our AI technology provides a personalized white-glove concierge experience for every patient, caregiver, and guest of your practice. Per-location amenity website with info on the facility, parking, food, pharmacies, WiFi, restrooms, and single-click access to Lyft/Uber to your office.

We provide modern patient engagement with self-service scheduling, rescheduling, cancelation/no-show re-engagement, pathology completion alerting, wellness checks, appreciation messages, emailed electronic care plans, and birthday messages. We support SMS/MMS/two-way texting, Email, and automated voice calling. All messages are user-editable.

We use the FHIR interface and SMART screen interface to extend the functionality of OpenEMR.

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Analog Informatics Corporation

Special pricing for early adopters and clients who agree to be reference accounts

The community is very happy to have commercial software companies be sponsors, contribute code, fix bugs, and make their commercial solutions available to the community.