Alternative ways of uploading External Data loads without SET GLOBAL local_infile = ‘ON’

Not able to install any Extenral Data loads due to restriction from the Hosting comapny as they are afraid of SQL injection attacks. Is their any way that we can upload the Extenral Data loads without enabling local_infile

I tried to SET GLOBAL local_infile = ‘ON’ but it kept asking for for a superadmin privlage, please note that they are not willing at all to enable it for me even if it was temporary.

I am not that expert in SQL database I only know the basic of it.
OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR version 7.0.2 hosting it via Cpanel Cloudbase linux

I would be much apprectied if somone can help me with this issue.

It sounds like you might be working on a server that has shared hosting, otherwise you would have the admin privileges. Hosting PHI on a shared host breaks HIPAA rules and you are also unlikely to get a BAA with that hosting company which is required.

If you are running a clinic I recommend working with GCP. GCP can be cost effective and they offer BAA’s which are necessary for HIPAA compliance.

@growlingflea Thanks Daniel for your support we are testing openemr prior to luanching it to our main server.

I hope that in the next update they can atleast have altenrtives ways of uploading extenral data without SET GLOBAL local_infile = ‘ON’

The setting SET GLOBAL local_infile = ‘ON’ is required by MySQL for importing large amounts of data since importing data line-by-line is tedious and not very efficient. This isn’t really an OpenEMR thing, its an MySQL thing that needs to be set.

By default, MySQL has this setting disabled for security reasons but this setting is required so we can import large files that OpenEMR needs (data related).

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ICD10 doesn’t need local infile on anymore.

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@stephenwaite Thanks for your kind support , the issue was with RXNORM and the other exernal data where it is mandated to enable local_infile.

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