Allow grouping patients by categories

Primarily for patient document(templates) management where a group of patients can easily be dragged into profiles to appear in portal.
Unsure what other use cases there are thus this posting.

The plan.

  • Add new patient category list to list options.
  • Add a new datatype in LBF for Demographics using a select2 multi select similar to care teams.

I need some default categories for the list. Some options could be :

  • General Health
  • Primary care.
  • Psychiatric care
  • Addiction
  • Home health

and so forth.

Or am I off track here?

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Subject of grouping patients came up some time ago. Over time it seemed like every demographics and clinical attribute is a category required at one time or other. Keeps coming up as increasingly complex forms once users get familiar - all Medicare patients, all female PPO patients, all COPD patients, … At the same time staff is understandably irritated when asked to manually set the categories for each or even some patients.

Over time leveraging clinical rules store with prebuilt sql object was much simpler. As an example, not sure what you have in mind re. Addiction but we would have a sql view that returns active patients with open issue(s) containing word ‘addiction’.

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Thanks @mdsupport
Exactly what I’m trying to avoid(work load on user). CDR may be an option, For some reason I didn’t even think about.
Some how I need to group patients so users don’t have to handle individual patients to send documents to portal. These documents will also have recurring events on a period basis.

Currently the plan is that while the user can add groups in demo choices, I will also have an interface that allows a filtered multi select of patients to drag into the groups.

MD Support is right on point with the thoughts shared. When the information/history is recorded, key words (Addiction) are stored as objects but added to a list of patients with that object tag. That object tag linked to users account name (or other unique identifier) would then be accessible for 1) patient dashboard to send specific forms, 2) health tip documentation sent out to patients through an email/messaging blast, etc all through the creation of dynamic groups.

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I have at least two places to manage patient groupings. Looking into setting up triggers now and additional searches …

Awesome! This will be very useful.