All demo servers are down

We are testing FHIR API with OpenEMR and trying to use demo instances. This week all of the demo sites seem to be down. We tried all listed on this site: OpenEMR Demo. Are there any other demo sites that are working to test FHIR API? Thanks.

thanks for the report @cbhatt, we’ll get them back up asap

Thanks Stephen. There seems to be some errors regarding a file so website is not coming up.

hi @cbhatt , after they crash it takes a little time for them to reset, main demos should be fine now

Thanks, Stephen. Main site is up but alternate sites are not up yet. When we were trying to connect using OAuth2 for FHIR API, it didn’t work on the main demo for some reason and it only worked.on Alternate Site b. We will try that once it is up.
Thanks again for your prompt response and action.

Hi Stephen, We also tried the demo sites on this page. They are all down as well with the same issue:


Please confirm what ip address you are doing your testing from as we are seeing a large number of requests that don’t seem to be FHIR api related.

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Feel free to private message me or @stephenwaite if you don’t want that publicly known.

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Hi Stephen, Looks like the alternate a and b sites are also up and working. I checked with the developer and would like to clarify that they were currently testing with the standard API though FHIR API is also in the works. Those requests would have come from 199.91.140.x.

Thank you, sounds like whoever is pounding the demo farm is not coming from y’all.

Hello, I was trying to view Demo and it gives me 502.

Hi, you can use OpenEMR Login while we’re looking into the problems on the main demos, thanks.

Great! Thank you! It works!

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Good morning. Are the problems with the main demos persisting or have they been resolved?

hi @Jody_Land , welcome, we’re still investigating some things but the demos are up today :slight_smile: