Adjustment reason needed for every entry that is not being changed

This is the screen. On this screen, the user is required to select an adjustment reason for all the entries even though there is only one entry being changed.
In the past, they would add zero to the pay and adjustment and that would keep the notice from showing up. Now it shows regardless. The user is forced to select an adjustment reason not matter what.

@stephenwaite had mentioned in another thread to do something with the delcount. This is the logic that handles the error message to my knowledge. I will have to spend time getting to know how this works before I am able to address the issue to only check the box that is containing a value to make sure that the adjustment reason is added.

PHPStorm is showing that line 123 is always true since the type string and type number have no overlap.

          if ((cPay !== 0) || cAdjust !== 0) {
                allempty = false;

Unresolved variable


Any input would be great. I am following the IDE for now to correct some of the things the IDE is pointing out

hi @juggernautsei , there’s a setting in config:
Disable Auto Adjustment Calculations in EOB Posting

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Hi @stephenwaite, I disabled what you shared with me and the program is still doing the same thing.

I fixed it by changing this line here. From this

 if ((cAdjust !== '0') && !f[pfx + '[reason]'].value && !adjDisable) {

To this:

 if ((cAdjust !== '0.00') && !f[pfx + '[reason]'].value && !adjDisable) {