Adjusting the 1500 form alignment

fred0 wrote on Monday, August 01, 2005:

Can anyone tell me how I could adjust the position of the printed elements of the HCFA form? I have tried a previously mentioned 8.5x11.25 hack and that failed. Also tried hacking the printer’s PPD file for custom paper sizes and tweaking the script line definitions. No luck.
Basically, all I want is to shift the entire text down by 5mm. Doing so would perfectly align the text to my CMS-1500 pre-printed form.

fred0 wrote on Tuesday, August 02, 2005:

Ok, nevermind, I figured it out:

In /usr/share/freeb/targetbin/

edit this line:
system "…/targetbin/ascii2pdf -p 12 -s 0 -t 0 $myBillFile";

where -s is the left margin and -t  is the top margin. I found that -t 25 worked for me, but I expect it varies depending on your printer.

This can be done from the gui, I don’t know why I asked the question. It is in the billing manager page.