Adding Zelle and other e-pay payment options to Fees>Payment screen

There are two lists related to receiving payments under “Admin”>“Forms”>“Lists”
The first is named; “Payment Method” the next is named: “Payment Methods”
The first list is only partially displayed in drop-down on the “Fees”>“Payment” screen because
of the six items in the list, only “Check Payment”, “Cash”, “Credit Card” and “Authorize Net” are shown.
The other two; “Electronic” and “Bank Draft” are not displayed in the drop-down.

The “Payment Methods” list contains; “Cash”, Check", “MC”, “VISA”, “AMEX”, “DISC”, “Other”.
I have yet to discover where this list is used, but that’s a topic for another post.

We would like to add additional frequently requested payment methods such as “Zelle”, ApplePay, etc. as patient payment options but before we do so, we need to find out why the “Electronic” and “Bank Draft” entries are not displayed in the drop-down as either of those would seem to be appropriate for use in the “Record Payment” Tab / “Accept Payment” screen for the growing number of e-pay options.

Perhaps this is part of the reason we have an “Unknown” section in our “Pmt Method” report.

I realize we’re not running the latest release so, before I add or modify anything I need to know if this has this been addressed in a patch for 7.01 or a newer version? If not, what is the recommended way to add such payment methods without upsetting the apple cart?


OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR version 7.01(1)

I’m using: FireFox 125.0.2 (64) Snap for Ubuntu, canonical-002 - 1.0

Operating System
I’m using: Ubuntu 22.04

Did you search the forum for similar questions? YES - No luck

Did you check the logs? YES
Was there anything pertinent in them? NO

admin > forms>lists>

Only Stripe, Authorize Net and Sphere are supported and turned on in Config

electronic and bank_draft are hard coded to be ignored since they are used with ERA posting

Payment Methods was added to be used with IPPF only

Hi Jerry & Stephen
Just to clarify, we’re not looking to embed another payment API (if that’s how I came across).

To operate successfully as a business, we must have a way to accept & record both payment amounts and the methods of payment our patients desire to use. Although, we would draw the line at livestock.

As there are no options for selecting any of the popular e-pay methods such as Zelle, ApplePay, GooglePay, etc. my admin experience in Oemr tells me that simply adding an ID & name to a drop-down list won’t deposit funds into a patient’s account (although that would be ideal). So the question is; how to add a generic “e-pay” payment method to credit the patient’s account when they wish to use such methods? Or, is that beyond the capability of the admin tools and menu options available in Oemr?

IMO, it’s not a good business decision to surrender a 3-4% part of your income stream to Credit Card processing fees when there are no cost and 1% options available which process outside of Oemr as an ACH transaction and could be accepted and recorded the same way as cash or checks. I feel very strongly that we should be able to use them. What sayeth the powers that be?

Why are there 3 blank lines at the bottom that have the “Active” box checked?

I agree. We do have an inhouse credit card transaction option that may be able to be modified for other transaction types.
The inhouse option takes credit cards info but simply records card and amount info with a transaction id and allows admins to review and disperse.
May be an option

Thanks for sharing. It seems like a system configuration issue. Check if “Electronic” and “Bank Draft” are properly configured. Regarding updates, review release notes for OpenEMR 7.01+. For new payment methods like “Zelle” or “ApplePay,” consider seeking community or professional assistance.

Thank you @GracefulBaker your suggestions are appreciated.