Adding SOAP notes from the myphp admin side of the site

Hey Guys I am trying to add soap notes from another EMR system into open emr I really need help I already altered the tables to the same format as those on open emr but nothing is showing up on the page can someone tell if it is possible to do and if so how to do it. I linked the pids along with the soap notes forms but only when one is made through the program it works I need help asap

yes, you would need to write an import script. I would not alter the tables in OpenEMR. I would write a script that reads the data from one table and converts it into the OpenEMR table. Generally these import scripts can take anywhere from 4 to 6 hours to complete, which includes testing. I’m happy to assist you.

Bro I know you can but 1. It is alot of confidential information, so I can’t afford to let just anyone do it also I have nofinances to hire help I would appreciate if you can send me some youtube videos for me to learn how to do it. i would really appreciate that I know some code so if you can guild me I would really appreciate that

@Ishmael1994 I did something similar to this earlier this year. What i did was export the data from the old database into a csv file with the columns the same as the openemr table. Then in phpmyadmin I used the import tab to import the csv data into the openemr table.

Be sure to back up your data table in oem first just in case something goes spectacularly wrong.