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Adding Room and Bed information

suryaprakash147 wrote on Wednesday, March 30, 2011:

i would like to room and bed information to know where the patient is admitted, is it possible to do in this openemr… if it is possible give me some idea regarding that…. thank u in advance

mukoya wrote on Wednesday, March 30, 2011:

People have been asking about inpatient features in openemr. The answer has always been that it is meant for ambulatory and not inpatient. However, I agree with you that inpatient centers might find it of help. I have even been thinking of a possible workflow for such centers.

A (very)basic approach would be to create Layout Based Forms to collect information relevant to inpatients. You could then just comment in the “Plan” field of the regular encounter form “Admitted” or use the same form and type, “Admitted Ward 7, Rm 3 Bed 2” You could just have one (new) form for all info including room and bed, Continuation notes, discharge summary, date of admission and discharge etc. or  you could separate them.

Because this functionality is not natively integrated in oemr, automatic calculations like for empty bed/occupied beds, number of days admitted, will not be easy to do. One way is to have a LBF with a table like structure with all available beds categorized in ward, rooms, etc. You could create a list “bed status” with values “Occupied” and “Empty” for the form fields to use, maybe with option to enter name of occupying patient. This will have to be updated manually (by ward staff or whoever) at admission and discharge (or death) of each patient. I am not sure how to make the form independent of an open visit. If you cant, you could create a virtual patient called, for example “Bed Status” and open this “patient’s” file to view the form.

Then there are modules, including pharmacy, lab, billing. Impatient services can be partially or completely integrated into this modules. I see lab and procedure module more easy to integrate. A challenge in pharmacy is where ward staff order in bulk, this can be taken care of as a transfer in the pharmacy module and billed in the ward or entered at discharge using, say, the patients treatment (medicines) sheet for those drugs actually given.

For other services, we could print something close to a paper fee sheet/superbill and return to accounts at discharge for billing or allow lab staff to bill, say daily.

Long answer!! but in summary, you can, using LBF,but functionality will be basic and manual.


mukoya wrote on Wednesday, March 30, 2011:

Second last paragraph: “Lab staff”, I meant 'Ward staff"

bradymiller wrote on Wednesday, March 30, 2011:

If all you need is bed/room information could add it to the demographics form in the Administration-=>Layouts. If need more inpatient functionality support from encounters etc. then will require some coding.

I created the Inpatient module, creating beds within wards, rooms and floors. I can assign a patient to a bed and release him. I keep an account with bed daily cost and accumulated cost. There are also reports on inpatients, released patients and empty beds.
The programming is quite basic, and I have not followed the proper standards to integrate the modules to the system. It just works.
Of course, there is much more to be done in terms of standards and features…

Hola Sergio.
No se si te has dado cuenta que estas posteando en mensajes de 4, 6 y 8 años atras.

Hello Sergio,
Please can the code be made available, openly sourced?
I need such…

It is not yet open source, I need more programming for that. I can sell it to you for 45 dollars. If you want to see a demo, I will send you the access data to my demo system.



Please send a demo link

I sent you access data to my demo site at … For a few days you will be able to enter with user: olivia and password oliviacaleta Let me know of any issues. Directions are at

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Hello @segio,
Just quickly went through your demo, the general interface is commendable, great work.

  1. I will go through it thoroughly when am back from work, then
  2. We also need to talk, to point out other issues, please send me a mail through this link >>> then we take it up from there.

Thanks you

HI, likewise, i will like to have someone info about the mod.
it will nice to have an option to enter other services, like Telephone
my email


i have gone thru your demo… it amazing thing, kind can u like me i how can i access the code; u can email meet we chat