Add or Modify Right Column of Demographics

So we are doing a good bit of customization of Open EMR to make it fit our use case but i’ve not been able to figure out if the following is possible.

I’m looking to either add or edit a few fields to one of the two following areas under the demographics area. We are looking to track “words known” and “foods tolerated” for kids that have all ranges of cognitive and physical disabilities. Would be awesome to add something here that the therapists could just add to a list.

The data would be entered/updated during an encounter, right? If so, I would create a form (LBF or otherwise) and have it be displayed in the dashboard.

I watched your presentation but never found where you showed how to do this. I could easily create a LBF with a Text Field and allow the therapists to type words known etc. but how do I get it to display on the Dashboard? And how could they edit it?

Start by going to Admin → Forms → Layouts. This will bring you to the Layout Editor:

Select the layout you would like to work with (ie: see in the dashboard):

Click the Layout Properties button as seen below:

In the Layout Properties dialogue pop-up, you will see the label “Issue Type”, which refers to the issues in the dashboard.

Click on the dropdown and select the Issue Type where you would like to see your form appear:

I hope this helps!


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I have a pull request that should make into the latest codebase soon which adds events so modules can create cards and place them into these areas. For now it’s all programmatic, but future state will allow a more customizable UI approach to the Medical Records Dashboard Cards