Add new patient tab replaces calendar

on making appointment, after search if there is no result, it shows add new patient link.when clicking on that links, it replaces the calendar and opens the patient add form in the same tab. is there any setting to make it open in another tab ?..I am using openemr 7.0.2

Hello @Yara_Munees
Can you please post some screenshots of the steps you’re taking? Too many important factors are not being mentioned.
For e.g.,:
Is the calendar properly configured with the provider’s In/ Out of Office schedule as in this doc:

Where do you click to begin to make a new appointment?

What is the message saying there ‘is no result’ searching for available appointments?

How does the ‘Add New Patient’ link appear? It should not appear anywhere in the process of making an appointment.

Hope to be able to help.
Best-- Harley

in the attched image you can see the click here to add patient link…that link is clicke, caledartab is replaced with the patient add form.

Hello @Yara_Munees
Thanks for the screeenshot, it was very useful.
Also interesting: I see in your screenshot that you searched by phone number, and got the error message offering to create a new patient record.
When I search by Name, and it does not find the search expression, it merely reports that fact, does not offer to make a new pt record.

But searching by phone nr or any of the other data in the dropdown, it did offer to make the new record as you saw.
I have no idea why the OpenEMR developer thought a new record was not needed if searching on a name, but looks like that’s what is happening!

Best- Harley

There can be many people with same name, and they added add new patient under unique values like phone nr, ID etc… may be thats the reason… the tab behave properly at your end?.. after clicking that link

Yes, if I click the ‘add new patient’ link the calendar tab changes to ‘Search or Add Patient’. Because clicking the link tells OpenEMR that I want to add a new patient.

The rules that OpenEMR follows about what tab to display can be confusing. But in this case, since the request to add a new patient came from the calendar’s appointment panel, it replaces the calendar tab.

Consider that if you see the link to ‘add new patient’, it means that no record exists with that term. If the staff had added the patient with the unique value you mention it would appear in that search. So perhaps they added a different unique value than the one you searched for?
Best- Harley