Add Lab Result (Procedure Result) Through DB Insert POC

(Chris) #1

Been doing a quick POC to see if it would be possible with the stock docker image of OpenEMR to manually insert a Procedure / Result into a patient chart through a DB insert?

Can someone provide me what this insert may look like? Looks like the tables involved may be (Provided you’ve added your compendiums, patient, and encounter already)

  • forms
  • procedure_order
  • procedure_report
  • procedure_result

I’ve had some minor luck with this - as they results show up when i try to trend them, but the ones manually entered to not appear on the ‘Patient Results’ section of Procedures drop down.

(Robert Down, BSN, RN) #2

I would recommend not inserting lab results straight to the DB, instead using the mechanisms already in place to ingest an HL7 message with the results

(Chris) #3

Can you point me anywhere that explains how to do this clearly? All i have seen are generic diagrams involving Mirth but nothing that explains where an endpoint to consume messages would exist or a specification.

(Robert Down, BSN, RN) #4

Hm, I thought it could be done without a Morth connection. @stephenwaite thoughts? I know we can push data via SFTP, but can that data be consumed?

(Chris) #5

I’m fine with Mirth, as I am actually using that to send the data to the OpenEMR database at this point but it’s doing database writes (that’s my original question) but if there is a better way for the data to be sent into OpenEMR I’d prefer that, especially if it’s with an HL7 transaction.

(Stephen Waite) #6

you can set up an hl7 provider under Procedures->Providers, results only or bidirectional, and then import with Procedures->Electronic reports

(Chris) #7

Oh! Perfect. I got this working now. Lab data is coming in.

While I have you, is there something similar for patient registrations, except automatic export? Or is this something that you’d suggest I read from DB, or create a trigger on patient_data to export new patients?

(Stephen Waite) #8

there’s no ADT support if that’s what you mean, FHIR has been used to bring in patients though

(Chris) #9

Thanks Stephen.

I have everything working that I needed to get done for this proof of concept. Appreciate the help.