Add field to flow board

Hi everyone. I need add a field to flow board. It´s a custom field from the patien_data table .
Is there any easy way to do it?


Hi again.
Dear @juggernautsei and @stephenwaite , any ideas to get started?


there is no easy way to add columns to the flow board without learning to code.

Hi Martin, can u explain in detail what you want to accomplish?
You can for the time being go to

admin > forms > layout > then from the drop down menu core > demographics…

Hello Roberto. What I need is to add a column to the flow board, or alternatively change one of the existing ones to a custom field called OS, which is found in the patient data table. But I think that as @juggernautsei and probably @sjpadgett and @stephenwaite say, there is no easy way to do it, other than changing the PHP code, unfortunately I don’t have much knowledge for that.



This will not change the Flow Board. The flow board is hard coded and @mlobo4370 will need to learn coding or hire a coder.

Hello dear @juggernautsei , @stephenwaite and @sjpadgett , could anyone tell me which files I would have to modify, so I can see the code?

Thank you

This directory is where the flow board lives. You will need to edit these files to make changes to the flow board.