Add features to Prescriptions

I need to add new items to Prescriptions: Date, Time, User, total amount of medication dispensed. Do I need to program Javascript into C_Prescription.class.php? Is there any other form? Is anyone willing to do it for a limited payment?

OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR version 7.0.1

I’m using: Chrome

Hi sergio,

Iam very happy to help you with this.

Hello Folks-
Before you go off re-coding OpenEMR’s Prescription module please get to know how it already handles those data?
All or most of those items are already in the Pharmacy/ Inventory module, it’s just a case of needing to configure the module properly.

Please familiarize with the existing documents to see if customization is needed:

Best- Harley

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Rx is just an order that typically gets filled outside the clinic. But may be you are looking at in-house pharmacy that will already provide tracking as sale of ‘product’ on fee sheet.

thank you @mdsupport that relates to my point: if people go re-coding arbitrary modules the changes may conflict with other capabilities. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that OpenEMR was originally coded as a standalone, integrated EMR and Practice Management ‘ecosystem’, so to speak, with most of the features interacting one way or another.

But of course it’s your system, and who am I to tell you how to play with it? I have to remember that not everybody is trying to create a production healthcare system, and I am aware that simply learning some old UI doesn’t give the same thrills as re- coding it!

:slight_smile: - HT