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Add drugs to medication list

Hello everyone,

I am using OpenEMR for a specific project and I want to add more drugs, such as cortisone. I try from administration–>layout but I can’t find the drugs category.

Thank you in advance,


  1. In Administration->Globals, click on the Features tab. For Drugs and Products,select the appropriate option from the dropdown and click save. So inventory option appears in the left navigation.
  2. Inventory->Management allows to add drugs in OpenEMR.

Hope the below link gives you detailed steps to add drugs in OpenEMR.

Let us know if you have further clarifications.


Thank you for your response.

I would like to ask you also a couple of things.

  1. Do I have the possibility to add the drug to the list of medications,
  2. Could I add other fields, for example in history I want to add some muscular dystrophies such as Duchenne with a drop down menu.

Thank you in advance,

hi @gstamata , think you’ll find what you’re looking under Admininstration->Lists->Medication issue list

As always you’ve helped me a lot! Thank you @stephenwaite

you’re welcome @gstamata, please let us know about your project when it’s convenient if you’re comfortable with that

Of cource, I am doing a project for my university with title: Building biological database for muscular dystrophies. My goal is to enter fields of registries relative to dystrophies.

Hello Team,
I have added a new drug in the medication issue list namely ‘paracetemol’ but once while adding prescriptions I am not able to find this newly added drug in the ‘click here to search’. It simply says no record found.

In the administration->global->features->drugs and products which is the preferred category to be selected if I want to do so…

Also once if I select an existing drug like ‘Metformin’ I am receiving a dropdown such as the following
from where is this dropdown generated? Is there a list for it too??
Please guide…