Accessing the SQL-like database of OpenEMR

(Mike Yun) #1

How can I see the SQL database for OpenEMR? I am trying to see the relational database of the OpenEMR for my clinic. I realize that phpMyAdmin was removed (Administrator -> Other -> Database ( and that the old method is no longer valid.

I am simply trying to tap into the OpenEMR database and looking for some help.

OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR version 5.0.1

I’m using: Chrome

Operating System
I’m using: Mac

Did you check the logs? Yes Was there anything pertinent in them? Paste them here (surround with three backticks (```) for readability

(Daniel) #2

You can install phpmyadmin and access it by going to ipaddress/phpmyadmin. So if your ip address is you would go to

Phpmyadmin is no longer available from inside OpenEMR.



You can also install webmin or MySQL workbench.

(Mike Yun) #4

Thank you for the comment. How could one go about installing MySQL workbench?

(Mike Yun) #5

I am unable to access phpmyadmin using your instructions. I typed in my ip address followed by “phpmyadmin”. What could be the issue?

(Daniel) #6

You need to install phpMyAdmin first.

I dont have a Mac, but this is the first link I found when typing “install phpMyadmin for Mac”


MySQL workbench is located here

(Mike Yun) #8

Any exact guidelines would be greatly appreciated. What would be the steps once I get phpmyadmin/mysql access? How would I see my EMR database scheme once I get in?

(Mike Yun) #9

Using XAMPP, I was able to access phpMyAdmin via localhost:8080/phpmyadmin/.

However, I do not see my OpenEMR database. Could you kindly advise?

(Daniel) #10

You may have to log in as root. Can you show me a screenshot of your phpmyadmin screen?

(Mike Yun) #12

Here is my screenshot as requested. Is it possible to login as root using XAMPP?

(Daniel) #13

And what is your OpenEMR database name? when you log into phpmyadmin in this screen:

you want to enter in the creds in your openemr/sites/default/sqlconfig.php file. It will look something like this:

you want to log in using the value set at $login and use the password that is set up for $pass.

If this was your sqlconfig file, you would use openemr for both login and password.

in this case the username, password, and database are all the same.

(Mike Yun) #14

Where is the ‘openemr/sites/default/sqlconfig.php’ file located? I can’t locate any local files for my openemr as they are all on the cloud.

Also, I realized that by using XAMPP (Mac OS X only) I naturally login as the root user without entering password.

Also, I sincerely appreciate all the help btw!

(Daniel) #15

Do you have a copy of your database locally?

(Mike Yun) #16

I do not. I just hopped on this team and they can’t seem to locate the local files. Is there anyway to access or download via cloud?

(Daniel) #17

It depends if you have ssh access or not.

(Mike Yun) #18

I do have ssh access.

(Daniel) #19

Do you have sudo privileges?