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A Complete Step by Step written guide or video for installing OpenEMR Cloud Standard edition on AWS

Hello to all volunteering time and effort to help those who possess little or no knowledge.

I am new to the software and cloud computing. I am trying to install it on AWS and don’t understand enough of the basics to get it up and running. I saw a video on YouTube for the express edition but this is the standard HIPAA - eligible. I can follow instructions that are laid out in layman’s terms. Could someone please direct me with this. It will be a big help to me. The install will be fresh on the cloud and the office will login through the browser. My goal right now is to “get on the computer, open the browser, and login”. I want it to work. Any insight and helpful suggestions are welcomed

PS what else needs to be done after OpenEMR is running?


hi @jackel7, have you seen this guide ?

Yes, I did but I am having problems setting things up. Could you please explain how to setup on Amazon Web Service.

I am suppose to set the server up on pc? My impression of the install on amazon was it was click and go

you use the standard template on aws

please explain next step is it Launch cloudformation or copy to service catalog?

I get lost at this don’t understand stacks or other options

please explain next step is it Launch cloudformation or copy to service catalog?

not sure, it’s been awhile since used aws for openemr install but think it’s launch cloudformation and it will walk you through the process

Could you explain the Stack its asking to either design a template or select it from a drop down menu.
Cloudformation is a selection there. I’m not sure what the other choices mean.

everything has been built and is ready for you so select from drop down

I will try them all and see where it takes me

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