7.0.1(1) Blank Available Appointments Calendar

Anyone else noticed this? When changing the status of a patient’s appointment in the calendar (such as checked out, Chart Notes Done, etc. First thing you get when you click “Save” is a blank white “Available Appointments Calendar” pop-up window that immediately gets a nag window superimposed below it saying; “Provider not available, use it anyway?”
Clicking “Ok” brings the blank Available Appointments Calendar pop-up into focus thereby invoking more clicking to close it. On the other hand, if one clicks “Cancel” in the nag window it opens the search window for available appointments which must also be closed. Do any of these behaviors really belong in the workflow for changing the appointment status?

Hi @hitechelp
Hope I’m not re-stating the obvious, but you have configured the providers’ schedules in the calendar, right?

Because what you’re describing sounds a lot like the series of error messages one sees and steps required to take if the provider’s schedule is not set up.

I’ve seen a lor of folks use their calendar without first setting up the provider’s schedule and blocking in preferred appointment types etc, and it does work ok. But you’ll have to put up with those error messages, and you won’t be able to search for available times in a provider’s schedule.
Good luck- Harley

Hi @htuck. You may be restating the obvious however, something changed for us after v7.0.1 upgrade.
We set up our provider schedules as per the instructions over a decade ago. Only after updating to v7.0.1 did the described behavior begin. After revisiting the schedules, it appears some of the providers are missing their “In office” entries. Not sure how that happened but I know how to fix it. Thanks for pointing out the obvious, sometimes I need that ;o)

yer v welcome!
Somebody famous once said, “given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow”.
Bon weekend- HT