6.1.0 Custom LBF Form, PDF misaligned data

Hello. I have created several LBF forms and wanted to know how to modify or fix the alignment of the output in the PDF file. When I press print, the fonts and data doesn’t display properly. v6.1.0

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Can you show what the form looks like on the screen? I can help with that alignment.
I am afraid the print-to-pdf format of the form may be a bit more difficult.

Hi Sandra. Sure. Thank you.

What i mean, is how the form displays on the screen. In other words, the preview

Actually, this image does help. Nevermind, I do have some comments.
Your LBF layout properties would also be useful.
Refer to this page in the wiki:


Or to this video:

So these are my comments:

Your field size of 300 is too wide. Sixty is more reasonable. It refers to the size of the text area window. Height of 2 is good. Max size of 0 is best, this way the user may add as many characters as needed.

If your form is using the standard 4 column layout, then you might want to try label columns of 2 and data column of 2, depending on the size of each. In other words, if the question is very long, you can set the label column to 3 and the data column to 1.

Does this make sense?


Yes, it does. Thank you very much. I understand it a lot better now. The printed form is now readable.

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