2019 Fax integration

This message is to ask about fax integration. There are fax API’s out there now and has anyone completed an API integration that they are willing to share. I am considering




I like Interfax because it has an option to use composer to bring it into the program.
Any feedback would be welcomed.

@robert.down @growlingflea

I believe the hylafax is working correctly. I can take a look.

Hylafax is for a small office that has control of their servers. It won’t work on AWS because of the obvious reason we can’t get access to a modem. There needs to be a cloud solution.

I have a fax/sms notification module based on Ring Centrals api. I may donate once I can get around to getting it master ready ie translations and setup integrated from ini file to globals.
A glimpse:

Can you I get a copy of the code as it? Do you have it in a repo?

Hi Sherwin,
The biggest change that would just be easier for me to do as I know the code is, easing user turnup. Currently each account has to be certified by RC because I use password grants server side for authentication(also requires a more expensive account type). To get around, I need to change to 2F (two or three leg’ed) authentication so that any RC account, owned by any logged in oe user, can be used.

I’ve asked several times in the past if folks would want this feature with nobody indicating yes or it’d be in codebase by now. I’ll try over next couple days to get the authentication done and publish on my git where, if you will run through code and do the xlate’s, escaping and 501 to 502 changes, i’ll push to master.
The feature is an addon module that requires menu integration with openemr and document/address book/custom report integration for faxing hooks(that’s the 501 to 502 integration needed).

@sjpadgett Jerry,

I had someone show me other API that I think would be easier to integrate that is encrypted and secure. So, I will try out the API I was shown and see what I can do with it. Apologies for placing a mental strain on you.


I really don’t care about transport ie RC or others(most are hipaa compliant). API integration will be the same or similar so real issue is cost. Also attention needs to be paid to how it gets used in OpenEMR ie workflow, if you plan to tightly integrate to OpenEMR.

Maybe adding the API to my existing front end will allow users a choice of several different fax/sms vendors which is always nice. Similar to credit card gateway. Who is this API with? Are you planning to put in OpenEMR this new API?

Jerry, I don’t to make public the source of the API. The plan is to tightly integrate the Fax feature into the program. Could you show me where your existing front is located?

I was thinking of creating a fax center with the backend folder system like the patient documents folder. This way, they system would have a way of tracking individuals faxes instead of lumping them in a big pile. Since the request is that the document not leave the server. This were my first thoughts.

We should start with the referrals that need to be faxed out. I was thinking that we should create a PDF and drop it in the fax folder labeled with the users ID. We then build an interface to manage faxes that have been dropped into the folder.

Do you mind sharing your thoughts about this?
@Ralf_Lukner you can join the conversation also.

Have tried this hylafax appliance?

Could you share how to use the hylafax appliance with AWS because it requires a modem and a phone line?
To answer your question, no I have not. Two reasons, I don’t have a modem anywhere. Nor do I have a POTs line.

Hi Sherwin, Sorry late getting back to you. My interface doesn’t work on queuing up files in an outbox/folder but acts realtime by shipping doc via secure http to essentially a portal fax center. I let RC/clients portal manage documents.
You can initiate a fax via button in patient documents and custom reports or add button to form which calls my fax controller via my rest controller.
So i’m not sure how easy it would be to convert over to your workflow. Hard to tell not knowing API being used.

Jerry @sjpadgett
I like what you are saying. Sometimes I go down a rabbit hole thinking because it was the presented idea and later after a conversation like this. I realized there is a better way. True the documents don’t ever have to materialize on the server. They can automagically be sent in the bit stream to the API. I have clients that use the RC App to do desktop faxing. They enjoy it. I have not thought to look and see if RC had and API.
I checked the pricing on RC and they don’t list faxing separately and your are right the cost is a major factor with the OEMR community. My question is can I connect a different API to what you have built?
If so, would you mind sharing the code? I will contact you off the forum to discuss more stuff.

We’re all guilty of this my friend. I always planned to get this in master mainly for the sms notification which works pretty nice and is based on existing sms notification which I believe you did. Like I said before, if my module is changed over to 2F authentication then RC’s lesser accounts ie <20.00 month can be used. I’m thinking those accounts give enough for smaller to moderate fax use.

Anyway, i’ll go through the code this morning and change any license to GNU and email to you.
The feature resides in openemr/modules with it’s own composer which may no longer be needed in 502.

Take a look and see if you can use but, I can’t spend very much time on this as i’m swamped. However, this is a feature i’d love to see in 502 and maybe if you decide to also use RC and your API choice then share the 2F back to me and i’ll get in OpenEMR.

Will do, I have worked all over the place in this program and some places I don’t remember anymore unless I signed it. We are all building things and propping up things to keep the program growing and going in the right direction. Please send me what you have and I will send but what I build. I might have to start paying for a repo.

I do have a quick question about FHIR.
Do you have a future date it will be completed?

I use bitbucket for free private repos. As long as you use under one gig for the repo it is free, I believe.

There will be some exciting news concerning Fhir in the next few weeks. The project has not been forgotten and continues with Stephen Nielson coming on board to help and of course, Brady helping out with planning and integration. Tentatively looking at Aug for completion.

Thought I would share. Someone else is asking me about faxing. I found this in my search of Hylafax and AWS. iFAX has a solution.


But this still requires some kind of physical or virtual fax modem … somehow … somewhere … that needs to be integrated with this solution … correct?

No, from what I am reading it is Fax over IP. Not to get too techie. It will not require a modem to work. To say more would get techie. The site says this:

Connect your HylaFAX Enterprise server to any T.38 Fax Over IP service provider (we recommend http://www.t38fax.com)

The Hylafax server sits in the cloud on aws like the OEMR instance.

I considered that application and ran a trial version. However, without the T38 component, it doesn’t work anyway so the trial was a bit pointless.