2 Questions....data migration and Australian helpers?

Hi everyone. I love OpenEMR - and have finally - after a long period decided to jump in with OpenEMR to run my clinical psychology practice. I have two questions.

First Question: I have a copy up and running on AWS on an Australian server - but I am going to need some help with migrating our data from our current online provider (halaxy) to OpenEMR - this is basic data like demographics etc. We have not used it for case notes - still run a paper system. Is this worth trying myself - or should I employ someone to do it for me? If I do do this myself - what are the best current instructions?

Second question: We are in Australia - I am more than happy to pay someone to help, but I am going to need some help adapting it for our Australian needs. Any suggestions on Aussie helpers?



Hi Jeff!
Let me make a suggestion in doing a migration. If your office is not in a hurry, you all can take the time manually enter the patients one by one instead of doing an import. I understand that an import can be faster but there is a saying, garbage in garbage out to say that if the import is trashy the data in the new system will be trashy.

In starting with a fresh copy of OpenEMR you can do a side by side where you copy the data from the current system into OpenEMR and leave off the stuff that is not needed. And since you are on a paper system also, you can enter the notes from the paper also merging two data sources.

I did not see any profession support providers down under.

If the current provider can give you a CCDA of the patient data. That would be your best option for a DIY.

You can always post here for help!

hi @jbroughton, welcome! How many people are in your system?

As in clients/patients? Well over two thousand.

ok, can you get a csv export of the demographics for those folks? It’s pretty straightforward to write a script to bring in the data.

Hi Stephen. Yes - I am able to get a complete csv file. this will include demographics, notes (there are not many), appointments, users/c;linicians, billing etc. About 10 years worth.

I am just a lowly clinician, writing scripts would be well beyond me (but I am willing to learn if I have to).

Thanks for everyone’s help - you guys are awesome!!!



this is what will be downloaded - all the choices will be made.

@jbroughton if you would like a script written to import send me an email sherwin @ openmedpractice.com. You can use Google store the file where I can get it.