XMl Form placement

I have created a very simple form using the guide here

This form by default appears in the encounter section as one of the encounter forms.
Is it possible not to show it in the encounter section but in the dashboard section ( The first page of patient) ?

OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR version v6.0.0

I’m using: firefox 91.10

Operating System
I’m using: Debian 10 Buster

Hello @Christoforos_Korifid,

I do not understand what you mean by

The first page of patient) ?

If you want your form to appear on the Medical Record Dashboard, edit the json file here

Then include the name and the path to your xml file.
If this doesn’t answer your question, i think some screenshots and illustration would be of help.

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Thank you,

Yes I want to place the form somewhere in the dashboard.
Also I want to place the review of the form.
In the file standard.json I need to provide a url.
Unfortunately this url is dynamic. For example I need to show /form.php?review_id=30. But the number 30 is not standard is the encoounter number. How can I pass it as a variable?

Ok. So you can set the URL in your standard.json to a php file that has include_once.

  1. File 1 see below
    $pid = 34;
    $enc = 42;
    include_once "xmlform.php";
  1. File 2, see below
    echo "this is the form i actually want to work with";
    echo $pid;