Wrong Medications/Wrong Patient/Wrong Date Showing in Selected Patient

(Robb Rich) #1

We have been running OpenEMR since December of 2017 and things have been pretty smooth up until about 2 months ago. We started having issues where we would load a patient and the correct patient would show in the top information bar, but the patient loaded in the tab would be completely different. @brady.miller mentioned this should have been cleared up in one of the patches, but we were still having the problem. About 2 weeks ago we noticed another odd (and potentially dangerous) behavior where we would load a patient and the medications listed for that patient were not correct. This doesn’t happen frequently but it has happened about 6 times in the past 2 weeks. Over the past weekend, I backed up the site, deleted the files and database and started over to see if that would help. I made sure to apply the most recent patch ( Today we had the wrong medications show up twice, and then had one more issue show up. A patient was seen today (06/05/2019) and an encounter was started. When we go back to that encounter, the date shows correctly in the information bar at the top of the page, but the tab and the title of the encounter show up as 12/20/2017. This is the only encounter I have been able to find that is doing this. There is no match for that in the database, and all of the information for the patient is showing the correct date.

Any thoughts or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


(Brady Miller) #2

Hi @apothik ,

When the wrong medications shows up, is this the medication list in the patient summary screen (or somewhere else)? Is the error repeatable for that patient (ie. do med list for that patient continue to be incorrect or is it a one time thing)?

For the wrong patient in the tab, is this repeatable for the patient or a one time thing?

Are your users running multiple tabs/instances of OpenEMR at the same time in the same web browser when this happens?


(Robb Rich) #3

Hi @brady.miller,
The wrong medications show up in the medication list on the patient summary screen. It’s not repeatable for the same patient, but they have multiple instances of it happening for different patients. For example, there was a male patient who was showing bioidentical hormone therapy for estrogen though he was being treated for a shoulder issue and was not on BHRT. Each time this happens, the medication list is different but if you hit the refresh icon it will clear up. They just have to be very aware of those medications in order to know something is not correct.

Regarding the wrong patient tab issue - I don’t think we’ve had this happen since I reinstalled.

Each user is using a single browser tab for the EMR (though they have other tabs open for other things they use throughout the day, POS, Fax Solution, Time Tracker, Google Drive, and Email.

Any idea regarding the encounter that shows the incorrect date? I have included a screenshot to illustrate what is happening.


(Ralf Lukner MD PhD) #4

I have seen this also in the past on prior 5.0.1 builds/batches but not on the most recent build/patches. Please update to the latest 5.0.1(7) and then test if the problem still exists. Can you verify that all the “About” show that you are running 5.0.1(7)? Also, did everyone restart their browser/clear cache(s)? Also, is everyone running Firefox or Chrome? In addition, I changed out my PHP files for the patient finder … that may have critical repairs in it … I got those files from @rmagauran .

(Brady Miller) #5

Hi @apothik ,

In addition to @Ralf_Lukner’s excellent questions and suggestions, does your code have any customizations?


(Robb Rich) #6

Hi @Ralf_Lukner and @brady.miller
Thank you for the responses to this issue. We are using the most recent version 5.0.1(7). Everyone did restart the browsers and I had them do a force cache clear. All users are on Windows machines but using Google Chrome (latest version). Regarding customizations, we don’t have any made to the main files, though I do have a custom Theme - but not everyone uses it.

Thank you both for your input and time

(Robb Rich) #7

Hi @Ralf_Lukner and @brady.miller,
I am just following up on this to see if there may be anything else we can do to address this. Even after upgrading to the newest version 5.0.2 patch 10/15/19 we are getting this happening at least once a day. Today we had an additional problem where the Provider changed - so it was no longer reflecting the Physician selected for the patient, but had switched to our Phlebotomist. This prevented the physician from doing any charting since she wasn’t the provider on record.


(Stephen Waite) #8

sounds like a :ghost: is haunting you :slight_smile:
have you looked in the logs to see the flow of an affected chart? like if you know when you pulled up someone and then found that another account was somehow carrying over any data?

(R Magauran) #9

It is still happening to me too on 5.0.2. What I see more often though is instead of the wrong patient data on the demographics page is each section says authentication denied. I see this often and refreshing the page sometimes works, but usually by the third refresh it works. I think it has to do with the CSRF feature implemented recently but I cannot tell. Each update has more of these bugs fixed. Now I mostly find it on the demographics page, the “find a code” pop-up dialogue, and the billing dialogue. It used to happen clicking on another date in the calendar but that hasn’t happened in a while.

(Robb Rich) #10

We just had something else happen today as well. The nurse was charting on a patient and when the Dr. went to look at the information entered, it wasn’t there - but it showed in the previous encounter information. Has anyone seen that happen before?

(Nilesh Hake) #11

Hi @apothik,

I was faced same issue early era but that issue was with session data get lost or recent opened patient data get replace with current patient data. Can you please checked that recent assigned patient is not get assigned to the patient your looking.