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Windows setup where?

i read about openemr and it looks like some nice software i maybe can use,

i then downloaded the 5.0.2 version in a zip file okay so far so god

unpacking also fine

but i cant find any setup file to start with

i has read in forum here and the only i can find is talking about other types of software and those i never heard about or has time to also should be learning is there any short cut there

This is an older version windows installation but you get the point:

then it is too much to do for having some software i need it as stand alone not to have a lot of other software i don’t know of and then also need to be able to handle so i can then see i newer can use the open-emr software

There are dependencies that needs to be installed with it . keep in mind that it is an open source, commercial solutions will do it for you but you pay $$$$$$

I’d be happy to help you set this up. I have a few questions about your needs and such. Feel free to PM me. Once I understand your needs we can discuss consulting fees.

can you help me install this


I sent you a PM.