Why Zend? Which version is applicable at the moment?

(Sudo255) #1

Is OpenEMR based on zend 2 or zend 3?
Why zend and not Laravel or rather other latest technologies( Angular, node.js…)?

(Stephen Nielson) #2

@sudo255 Zend existed in the codebase from I believe around 2016 when someone used it to build the original module system for the CCDA export / import process. OpenEMR is not based on zend but this one large service piece is based on zend. Rather than replace the entire modules system we upgraded zend 2 to zend 3. We also in the latest release incorporated the pub/sub design pattern using Symfony’s Event Dispatcher into the zend module codebase.

As OpenEMR has been around longer than Angular / Node.JS has existed you will not be surprised that the system is not written in those technologies. There has been a push to move towards more modern technologies such as React/VUE.JS. You are welcome to jump in and assist with those efforts.