Who's logged into OpenEMR?

One user has this issue: when she logs in she cannot see any patients in the Calendar, cannot find any patients, it’s like she doesn’t have any access to the database.
Is there a way to see who’s logged into openemr ?
Can you log in twice? If you’re logged from a workstation, and you are working on a patient, can you log into another workstation and continue to work? (You did not log off from the 1st workstation)

you can use Admin->System->Logs and filter on user and name of event

yes, you can log in mutiple times using other browsers/devices

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But how is it you can log in and see no data? Everything is blank. I’m asking if you’re logged in multiple times, does there come a time when you dont see any data?

Assuming she has the right privileges (she already sees patients in the other logged session right) this may sound weird, ask her to choose all users in the providers section then choose her name again. Calendar appointments will show, happens in some of our accounts.