Where to put provider credentials

hi @htuck, local providers are added to the address book automatically when created with Admin->Users

edit: should say that the address book will let you edit any providers, hmmmm, which means that the user_admin scripts didn’t necessarily have to be updated it was just the form’s author and e-signer that had to add the suffix.

Guess my question has turned into, what does the EMR do with the valedictory it has available in the Addr Bk? For eg, is it automatically added to the receiving provider’s name when a referral is written?

@brady.miller is the earliest contributor to the pages mentioning the address book; did he (you, Brady?) know the original usager? Do you have a minute to comment?

hi @htuck , it saves it in the db and it’s only used in one script, letter.php, which is available through the Popups menu :slight_smile:

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Hi @stephenwaite - thanks for tracking that down, finally we know!
table: user, column: valedictory
seems like it should be able to be used a lot more than it is, eh?

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