Where do I find the name of the directory where my X12 files are going?

Our clearinghouse is changing the upload process, and for some reason I can’t find in openemr where the x12 files are going. Can you direct me to where I see that? I didn’t see in Administration/Files, e.g.


POST OpenEMR 501 {openemr directory}/sites/default/documents/edi


Is this a setting we might have changed? I have “/sites/default/documents/” but no ‘edi’ folder in it. I do have “/sites/default/edi” and that has x12 documents in it, but my memory is that the x12’s first go to a different folder and then are put in “/sites/default/edi” once the app that does the upload to the clearinghouse finishes with them.

We have done this for many years and it’s been working.

I can puzzle it out probably, just thought maybe it’s a setting somewhere that we might have altered

Thanks again


We moved the location back in v5.0.2 I believe for security reasons.

ok thanks - I’ll figure it out