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Where can I edit sensitivity list

I am looking for where to edit the sensitivity list.
I couldnt find Administration->ACL->Advanced->Sensitivities(Sections) in version 5.0.2

Hi @mfonnix,

Do you mean the allergy severity found in Admin -> Forms -> Lists?

Thank @robert.down for your prompt response. The sensitivity I want to edit is in patient encounter patient encounter under visit details.
Meanwhile, Admin -> Forms -> Lists is not in 5.0.2.

What I’m actually trying to do is to customize the patient encounter form, and knowing which file to edit will also go a long way

1. To Add/Edit Sensitivities

Navigate to Administration->ACL->Advanced->Sections(Sensitivities)->Edit(Access Control Objects)

Note : Advanced option has been replaced by the below icon

2. Modifying Encounter Form

Need to make changes in the file interface/forms/newpatient/common.php


Thank you @visolveemr.
Can is it possible for me to edit it as a LBF under layout?

Encounter forms doesn’t fall under LBF. So one can’t edit the file through layouts and hence need to manually modify the files.


thank you @visolveemr
I was able to edit the encounter form, but it doesnt give me what i want.
I am creating a clinical LBF form that is accessed under encounter. As part of the form, I have three lists columns, and i want the dropdown of the second column (second list) to be based on the selection of the first column (first list). i know how to handle this with JQUERY, but I dont understand how to implement it with openemr.
Please kindly assist.
Thank you