What is the purpose of prescription fields

(shankar) #1

Select one patient,
Click on Edit button at Prescription ,
Click on Add button , in that page right side above check box , fields use

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(ViSolve) #2

Prescription is used to add internal/external drugs along with some information like quantity of drugs, unit of drugs and provider who allocates drug to particular patient.
Link below explains in detail about prescription module along with the steps to add drugs to prescription .

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(shankar) #3

thanx for reply…but i asked about 3 checkboxes usage when enabled

(aterad) #4

Hello All,
This question remained unanswered. Please, the 3 checkboxes of E-prescription, Checked Drug Formulary and Controlled Substance what/how are there functions as asked by @siva,

(Brady Miller) #5

hi @aterad ,

These are for tracking meaningful use calculations and reporting (AMC and CQM) at Reports->Clinic.