What does 'Observation Results' in Immunization form do?

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Looking over the Immunizations widget in OpenEMR 6.0 I see that mostly it’s an update of the old one from 2012 that is discussed in the wiki page,
Issues & Immunizations - OpenEMR Project Wiki

However, the ‘Observation Results’ items are new and I can’t find any mention of their use or purpose.


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Hi @htuck
This is a MU requirement where I’m not sure why it’d be called an observation.
This link from CDC may help in understanding . Vaccine Information Statements (VISs) | CDC

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The Observation Results is the OBX segment in the HL7 message sent to the vaccine registry. Remember, when we are communicating with the different registries there are two types of messages being sent, queries and vaccine submissions. When we send a query, we get a response. The RXA segment contains information about what vaccine was given (or reported) and the OBX (observation) segment contains all information that cannot be contained in the RXA segment.

When we are performing a query (QBP) the OBX segment can request different information such as forecasting, next dose in a series of doses, known reactions, and earliest date to give. In the OBX section, the registry will also include any reported reactions.

When we are performing a vaccine submission (VXU) the OBX segment would contain information that is more than the vaccine name, amount administered, CVX code, and NDC. There can be several OBX fields. For example, if the patient’s vaccine is being paid for my medicare and they fall under the VFC programs, this information would be put here. Also, if there was a reaction, this would be a separate OBX message in the OBX segment. The dose number in a series of doses would also be contained here as well.

From what I understand the community version of the immunization is incomplete. I am working to address that and I fixing a bunch of bugs for the current module. I have a module that works pretty good for 501 but with the different changes that happened with the upgrade, its taking more time than I expected.

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@sjpadgett @growlingflea
Thanks for the background and the summary, they were v educational.
Since the module is currently incomplete, does it actually send anything? Or maybe just the other data and not the Obsv Results?

Some places like CAIR (California Immunization Registry) require the OBX segments to be there. I’m not sure out-of-the-box what is included. There are some hard-coded values such as the code for “white” under race which I know is in 501 but might have been fixed in 600. I can’t remember if I submitted that fix.

that’s good to know, thx!