What are the recommended Modules for an Adult Day Care

(Matthew) #1

I started an Adult Day Care and I to focus on the Modules needed to chart the clients since the application is so verbose.

OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR Version Number: v5.0.1 (6)

Firefox and Chrome

Operating System
I’m using: Linux Mint


( htuck@mi-squared.com) #2

Hi Matthew-
The modules and forms you use really depend on what activities you’re going to perform, both patient care and administrative.
The main menu gives access to the different modules available and here’s a link to the OpenEMR documentation wiki’s entry on the menu:

Patient care activities are recorded on the different forms available in the system. You get to most of the non- clinical data entry forms from the main menu; the clinical forms are contained in the menu found in the summary screen of a patient encounter. It’d probably be prudent to use a dummy patient for these explorations.

In the encounter summary menu you have these clinical forms already activated:

But more forms are available in a different location. To use these you’ll need to activate them.
The location of the other forms is (from the main menu:) Administration/ Other / Forms
There you’ll see a list of the forms which are activated by default, and which are available to be activated. The OpenEMR wiki does not have a useful description of how to register these contributed forms- will need to write that up- but here’s a pdf on the topic.
HOWTO Register Contributed Forms.pdf (318.6 KB)

Look over the forms that are available, and if you still need other custom forms come back to this forum and search on posts about ’ Layout Based Visit Form ', or ’ LBFs ’ or ’ LBVs ’

( htuck@mi-squared.com) #3

To clarify the process I described above for reviewing the forms, let me summarize that you will need to create an encounter for a (dummy) patient, go to the encounter summary screen and look at all the forms. Then if you want to look at the contributed forms, go through the registration process on the forms that look interesting and see if they are useful to you.