Weno integration with openemr

From all the search on the subject including the e prescribe wiki I found no systematic instructions on how to implement it, info is allover the place…any link please to what are the steps to get the functionality for weno…I have already the EZ Integration with weno and whitelisted the domain for testing, but other than turning the toggle of weno from openemr and plugging the key they give me with the practitioner ID and location ID I cannot find any comprehensive guide on how to?
Any help is greatly appreciated, the closest thing was Sherwin’s vid about getting the interface working indication he was about to change the hard coding but then nothing?

@Mohammad I spoke with someone at weno a couple of months ago. What they told me was they had hired someone one to write the open emr interface for them but that person never finished it.

The indication i got from them was that it is still possible to get weno working in open emr but you’ll have to contact them to get the specifics of what needs to be done.

Hello Team

We have integrated weno with openemr for few of our clients in US last year.

We have worked with their integration team and implemented that.

You can email to our support team to make use of that.

Thank You
Infeg Team
services@infeg.com / infeg.services@gmail.com

I spoke with Tina from Weno multiple times, very pleasant lady and I will go with her service … just trying to see if all the wrinkles are ironed out… very good option for prescribing since it gives non participating pharmacies the option to receive faxed scripts so they have no excuse refusing weno services.
I hope I can have this solution integrated with openemr, rough bumpy road for time being. at lease for layman like me.

To whom it may concern:
I am following the guide that Weno has created—the manual calls for strict adherence to it. I am still working on the daily pharmacy download. This stuff can’t be written overnight and get it right.
Rushing to code is one of those big obstacles that cause issues down the road. I am taking the time to build the proper process and refactor the code that currently exists into a better interface.
I have gotten the connection to their server working. The pharmacies are being downloaded as a zip file. Next, I have to unzip that CSV file and make it accessible in the program.

Now, I have to decide how this data will be viewed by the EU for the state in which the program is being used.

There is a note in the documentation that the columns can change without notice. Those new columns will be added to the end of the existing columns. The EHR system must be able to recognize new columns.

There are many things that are required in the background to create a prescription.
Sponsors are welcome. Please PM me.

What GUI do you use for development?
I have experience in FileMaker Pro and I can adapt quick to SQL/MYSQL .