Weekly Conference Call

(Robert Down, BSN, RN) #341

Let’s add the vendor list clean up to the todo for the website migration to drupal. It’ll be a good opportunity to address it

(Brady Miller) #342

Thanks for the update @stephenwaite .
The vendor list is less of a presentation issue and more of a roll up sleeves and verify vendors. See here for instructions on doing this along with tracking scheme:
(haven’t been able to spend much time on this since 2016 or so, so would be great if somebody took this on :slight_smile: )

(Stephen Waite) #343

will share with @waseem :slight_smile:

(Robert Down, BSN, RN) #344

Some highlights from this week’s call. I spoke with David Vu and Beju Shah who are both Pharmacist Informaticists. I gave them an overview of the project and the plan for the inpatient modules. They have a lot of insight into the pharmacy modules for inpatient hospitals and I think they will prove invaluable doing the development of this module.

We’re anticipating another call next week to demo the current workflows of the system to help them better understand everything.

Beju may also have some insight in bringing awareness to the project, he is a content creator