Warehouse specific view of inventory

(HIRU) #1

Hello everyone!
I am new to the community but have been living with this amazing software for the last 4 months.
I am customizing the OpenEMR in a health institute with few warehouses. An operator/user in each warehouse will enter their inventory through the Inventory management module of the OpenEMR. When the users are created they will be allocated to the respective warehouse and they should only view, add or edit their own inventory, but should be restricted to view, add or edit the inventory of other warehouses. They should not be able to change the name of the warehouse when they add different items to the inventory too. How can I Achieve this requirement?
Is it possible with default site or should I go for multi-site module to accomplish the requirement?
If I am going for multi-site installation, will it be possible to do statistical analysis of all sites at one place?

I use an instance of xampp-openemr- on windows 10.

Thank you in advance.

(ViSolve) #2

Currently OpenEMR doesn’t support this requirement. But we can make this happen by customizing the code.
It is not possible to generate statistical report in an multi-site view.


(HIRU) #3

Thanks @visolveemr :joy: for the reply. It seems I should go for the default site with customized code. This would be a requirement for many if more warehouses are handled separately at an institute.
Will the Community be able to help me in customizing the code? :thinking:
Thank you in advance.