Void checkout and reopen on fee sheet :bug


(Carlos Guzman) #1

I’m getting this error when i’m trying to reopen an encounter, on the fee sheet to add more items or to make modifications:

ERROR: query failed: INSERT INTO voids SET patient_id = ?, encounter_id = ?, what_voided = ?, date_voided = NOW(), user_id = ?, amount1 = ?, amount2 = ?, other_info = ?, date_original = ?

Error: Column ‘amount1’ cannot be null

/var/www/openemr/library/billing.inc at 370:sqlStatement
/var/www/openemr/interface/forms/fee_sheet/new.php at 479:doVoid(37,214,1)

This is when I’m trying to diagnose something related to the ICD indicator on the CMS1500 form.


(Stephen Waite) #2

yes, it’s a bug thanks @crlsgzmn, i’ll take a look

btw it was there before lastest patch

(Carlos Guzman) #3

I might not have used that feature before of applying the patch…

Sorry if this caused any confusion.


(Jian Lao) #4

I have the same issue when re-open fee sheet. I have latest patch of 7. Can someone help to resolve the issue?


(Stephen Waite) #5

never finished debugging :bug: