V6 Patch, Setup.php file is empty



I noticed this issue just now since the setup.php wasn’t loading on my end. But seems like this file is empty on the patched zip.

good point @cyril, will fix that in patch 3, for now you can grab the raw file with

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/openemr/openemr/rel-600/setup.php

Thanks Stephen, yep that is what I did exactly.

believe the patch process doesn’t require setup.php so it’s a kind of security measure to wipe out the file with a blank script

Yep, that is done on purpose since setup.php is a security risk (so, if need to do multisite, then need to download the script, use it, and then should remove it after).

EDIT: correct that patch does not need setup.php. Only reason for using setup.php after an installation is for multisite.

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