V5.0.1 (6) menu dropdowns don't work in mobile browser


(David Nichols) #1

Upgraded from 5.0.0 to v5.0.1 (6) running on Windows Server 2016 and noticed in testing that the menu dropdowns no longer work in mobile browsers; some of the staff use ipads to access the EMR. The 5.0.1 menus seem to activate when a mouse hovers over them, but on mobile, there is no hover and they don’t active with my clicking. Are there any settings I can change to allow for dropdown menus on click? Thank you for your help!

(Stephen Waite) #2

hi @Davidnic, did you try clearing the cache on the browser?

(David Nichols) #3


Thank you for your reply! I didn’t initially, no; kicking myself for that kind of rookie mistake, haha. Just did and that does not resolve the problem. I also tried it in both Safari and Chrome after clearing the cache. After some further testing, it does work, I just have to hold the button down in a long touch then it will open the menu. It is a little strange behavior, but can confirm it is working.